Why Do We Apologize For Our Appearance – A Deeper Perspective

girl working outAs most of us do, we run errands right after working out at the gym.  We’re a little sweaty, disheveled and usually wearing little to no makeup.  What’s the first thing we do if we run into someone we know?

I don’t know about you, but I have been known to apologize for the way I look.  Think about that for a moment.  It’s as if we’re saying, “I’m so sorry that your eyes behold the hideousness that is my face.  Quick, avert your eyes before you turn to stone!”

Ok, so that’s a little dramatic, but you get the point.  We are effectively saying that we don’t meet the mutually agreed upon definitions of acceptable beauty set forth by our culture.

Every society has definitions on what is acceptable beauty and they vary from country to country.  So, if one country agrees upon their idea of beauty and another country agrees upon something completely different, then which one has the correct definition of acceptable beauty??

That’s right, there is no one true definition of acceptable beauty.  All definitions are MADE UP!  They are erroneous and completely fabricated out of the psyche of the culture that makes the agreements.

Stop judging yourself on something that was constructed out of other people’s opinion.  They simply don’t matter.  You are the creator of your world and how you see yourself is entirely up to you.

If you aren’t measuring up to your own standards, then take action and work on the areas of your life that you have control over.

For Example:

  1. If you feel you’re overweight or have unhealthy eating habits, get on a program or consult a health coach to support you in creating a healthy lifestyle that it just right for you.
  2. If you feel your skin has lost its brightness or your starting to see wrinkles, go see an esthetician that can partner with you to create a skin care treatment plan and suggest effective products to address your specific skin concerns.
  3. If you would like to change the direction of your career or relationships, or just want more peace in your life, but just don’t know how to do it, contact a life coach or spiritual practitioner to give you the tools and techniques you need to move forward in the direction of what you would love.
  4. Help someone who is less fortunate than you. There’s nothing like volunteering in critical care, Hospice or a burn unit to force you to get out of yourself and be completely authentic and real.  There’s no room to worry about how you look.  It just doesn’t matter.

As you become more empowered and in control of your life, you’ll stop judging yourself so harshly, and as a natural progression of inner growth, you will stop judging others.  This will enable you to step inside their shoes with a more empathetic heart which will blossom and fill your life with more joy.   In turn, you’ll affect those around you and create a more harmonious way of life.

All this comes from listening to your own inner Guru of what is acceptable for you in all areas of your life.  Search your heart for what makes you happy and do it.  A person who is joyful can’t help but be beautiful whether they just left or gym or just rolled out of bed.

If you are ready to take action and control of your life, please contact me and let’s get started.  As a Fair Oaks esthetician, Take Shape For Life health coach and Certified New Thought Spiritual Practitioner, I can help you start living a life you love!

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