Why do I need to see an Esthetician??

The average cost saving on products per year for a person who utilizes an esthetician is $417 and satisfaction rate of over all skin health is 93%.

esthetician-consultation-acneThe Importance of an Esthetician: An Esthetician’s primary goal is to help clients with their skin care needs which can range from acne to aging. A good Esthetician will not only help with treating the visible concerns a client may be having but will also take into account the whole well being of the client such as diet, exercise, stress, etc. All of these are factors that can affect the health and wellness of the skin and can help an Esthetician determine what treatment to prescribe and what products to use within the treatment, as well as products for the client to use at home to help bring about the results the client is looking for.

How to choose a good Esthetician: When searching for a good skin therapist, look for one that continues with there education and keeps up with the latest changes in the industry, really listens to your skin care needs and can choose the perfect treatment tailored just for you. Follow up and customer service are important too when you partner with someone for your skin care needs. Esthetician’s are trained to know how to offer treatments and provide preventative care to help keep the skin healthy and glowing. She knows about new, more advanced ingredients and treatments that affect the skin. She has access to cosmeceutical products that can’t be purchased over-the-counter and that make changes to the skin that over-the-counter products cannot do.

How does seeing and Esthetician save you money: Going to an Esthetician can help save you money on purchasing products that don’t work or are not right for your skin. Over-the-counter products won’t reverse aging, correct skin issues or change the way the skin acts as the ingredients that might help aren’t strong enough within the product. On the other hand, cosmeceutical products address live tissue and will therefore; lasting, visible changes to the skin. If you combine treatments from an expert skin therapist with a customized home-care routine using effective products, you can make positive, lasting changes to your skin without resorting to more invasive methods which typically cost much more and can have downtime.

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