Sleep, Hormones and Your Skin


There are three hormones that are affected when we don’t get adequate sleep.  These are cortisol, growth hormone and melatonin, and they have a direct effect on how our skin ages.

Elevated cortisol levels break down collagen, resulting in less skin elasticity.  Growth hormone is one of our antiaging hormones and replenishes as we sleep, rehydrating the skin and allowing cellular repair.
Finally, melatonin is our sleep hormone and plays a role in the immune system and is a contributor to the functional and physical integrity of our skin.

Without quality sleep growth hormone and melatonin are insufficient, while cortisol is overproduced.  The result is over all poor skin condition, including dryness, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

So get your beauty sleep – at least seven to eight hours uninterrupted hours every night –  to achieve radiant and healthier skin.

5 keys to Good Quality Sleep
1.  Keep a regular sleep schedule.
2.  Give yourself one relaxing hour of downtime to prepare your body for sleep.
3.  Have your bedroom be a relaxing environment.
4.  If you cannot fall asleep within 20 minutes get up and try again in 30 min.
5.  Get plenty of natural light during the daytime.

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