Change – Our Constant Companion in Life

dance in rain

Change.  It’s a funny thing.  We know that change is happening every second, but most of it is mundane and inconsequential.  It’s those big changes in life that bring out the roller coaster of emotions.

Most of my friends and I are saying good bye to their sons and daughters as they go off to college.  The sons and daughters are saying good bye to their friends and sometimes their significant other. 

We all pass through stages in life that feel uncomfortable, sad, scary and difficult.  Sometimes they feel down right insurmountable.

A woman will pass from a youthful stage where her skin is free of wrinkles, firm and soft with that natural glow that comes from the full bloom of youth.  Passing through the years, we see the effects of age, sun damage, environment, stress as they show their weary signs across our face.  As we look in the mirror, it’s as if our confidence and self-esteem fall in rhythm with the sagging of our skin.

This all sounds pretty depressing, doesn’t it??

There is another way to look at change – with grace, poise and acceptance.  Acceptance doesn’t mean we accept poor physical health or aging skin.  We meet them head on and do what we can to retain our youthful glow with a good skin care routine, exercise, eating right and getting a good night’s sleep.  Meeting change with grace, poise and acceptance means to look at change with excitement as a new chapter unfolds in our lives. 

See change with a measure of giddy expectation that what is to come is even better than what has gone before.  “As a man thinketh, so is he.”  What you think about your life and what you expect is what comes into manifestation for you.  You cannot escape the law of cause and effect.

A woman in her later years is wise, has overcome many challenges and has the confidence in herself to know that whatever comes her way, she will prevail. 

It is the duty of the “Old Crone” (check out what that really means) to be a guide, leader and role model for the ones that follow in our steps.  It’s an honor to pass through changes in our lives.  Look what you have been through and you’re still standing tall.  Pat yourself on the back for a life well lived!

This is what grace and poise is all about.  Learning from change with dignity; not letting situations be bigger than you are inside.  Perception of these passages are all up to you.  You can look through the glass darkly or you can remove the glasses all together and know that change is a consistent part of life and your greatest teacher.  Be the apt pupil.

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