5 Emotional Benefits of a Facial Treatment

Everyone loves being pampered while receiving a facial treatment.  Beneath all the seemingly “fluff” lies a multi-layered experience.  On the physical level, there are tremendous benefits such as:

  • Professional exfoliation that you can’t get at home to stimulate cell renewal and removed dry/dead skin.
  • Extractions to remove congested pores which allows the hair follicles to easily eliminate dead skin cells and oil
  • Massage to increase the blood flow giving much needed nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • A mask to calm and hydrate the skin, and
  • Professional advice as to which products are best suited for your skin condition and type.
  • Healthy, younger looking skin to boost your self-esteem and help you tackle all of life’s challenges.

Have you ever considered that there are emotional benefits derived from a facial as well?

Most people consider a facial to be a luxury only allowing themselves the privilege on their birthday or some other special occasion.  They may even feel they don’t deserve such indulgences.


Those that receive regular facials know that there’s so much more than the physical experience – there is an emotional component that goes much deeper.

Here are 5 ways that facials add to your emotional wellbeing:

Get in the Present Moment

Receiving a facial is usually done in a beautiful, serene atmosphere with soft lighting, ethereal music, and lovely scents.  All your senses are engaged forcing you to become present in the moment.  This mindful awareness of the environment around you, makes it easy to leave behind any stress, worry or anxiety at the door.  Just enjoying a relaxing, quiet moment lets the troubles of the day melt away.  Besides, we all know those worries will be there when you leave.

Quiet the Mind

If you are a meditator, you know that quieting the mind allows for the free flow of ideas and inspiration to enter your field of awareness.  Without the hindrance of all the “noise” of life, you are better able to work out problems, and spontaneously receive solutions that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.  I know from experience that a quiet time of reflection has brought new vitality and enthusiasm to projects that I’m working on.  Quieting the mind will also help you focus better and enter a more peaceful frame of mind in the workplace and at home with family and friends.

Feeling of Self Worth

When you allow yourself to be “fed” emotionally, you’re effectively telling yourself that you’re worth it.  That you deserve to take time out from your busy schedule for relaxation and to feel good about yourself.  This simple acknowledgment of your worth is immeasurable and will give you more confidence in other areas of your life.

Feel Heard without Judgement

Another wonderful emotional benefit of getting a facial is knowing that what you discuss in the treatment room is confidential and sacred.  Having a good relationship with your esthetician gives you an outlet to vent or get an objective opinion on a situation you may be grappling with.  It’s a place of non-judgement, tolerance and understanding.  You are fully seen and heard by someone who cares about you.  There’s nothing more beneficial than that!

The Joy of Human Touch

Lastly, just the simple touch of another human being lovingly pampering you has many health benefits which lead to a greater sense of wellbeing.  According to Matthew Hertensein, PhD of the Touch and Emotional Lab at DePauw University says that we, as Americans, are touch deprived.  Having more human contact can lower our blood pressure and cortisol level and increase the release of oxytocin in our bodies.

So, there you have it.  If you still think getting a facial is only skin deep, think again.  Self-care is meant to be a holistic approach – wellbeing from all aspects of who you are – Physical, spiritual and mental.

Contact me if you want to enjoy all the emotional benefits a facial can give.  It would be my pleasure to serve you.

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